Motorcycle Trailer Reviews & Comparison

Motorcycle-Trailer.Org is your source for all things motorcycle trailers. Our mission is to review and also compare the latest open motorcycle trailers and pull behind motorcycle trailers on the market.

The humble and often maligned motorcycle trailer can be one of the most useful and practical transport tools a motorcycle owner can possess. Of course, the first and most significant of these would be the motorcycle itself, but the trailer is most often used when your motorcycle cannot be ridden on the roads for one reason or another – if it is not street-legal, such as a race or motocross bike, or if it is currently not running, or you simply want to take your bike with you but it is not possible to ride to your destination. The lack of a proper vehicle to carry a bike within – such as a pickup truck or van – is probably the number one contributing factor to a trailer purchase, though, as your average sedan is a little lacking in trunk space for this purpose.

What type of trailer to buy…

The type or style of motorcycle trailer will depend on factors such as what type of motorcycle you will be carrying, how many of them you need to transport, your model of towing vehicle, and likely cost and/or availability.

For a single motorcycle, a larger trailer will always do, but it could be a waste of money. For some bikes, usually those less than 650 pounds in (wet) weight, a lightweight hitch-mounted single bike trailer will work; they are inexpensive and usually take up very little space when stored.

If you plan on taking more than one motorcycle with you, a multi-rail, purpose-built trailer should be quite sufficient if it has a high enough payload rating. A converted, multi-purpose flat bed unit will also do very well for this use provided you address certain safety concerns before using it in this way. These are the only choices if you are going to haul more than one motorcycle.

The reviews on the pages following this one are written in order to help you get a closer look at what is commonly available on the North American market, so it may not apply to everyone. However, even if you cannot purchase the specific make of trailer mentioned here, you will certainly be able to find a similar type in your own hometown.

Where to make the purchase…

Buying a trailer is often a more involved process than the decision of what type to search out. The choices are frequently numerous, depending on where you live, and that in itself can be daunting. Since you are here, you are surely online, and the best place to look first would be the Internet. Do some searching for the type you are looking for including your location. That should give you some good results from which to choose.

Next are the usual e-commerce sites we are all familiar with – such as eBay, Craigslist, etc. – and you will have your own favorite online retailers, so check them out. Even if they do not have a decent deal on shipping, as trailers can be heavy and thus expensive to deliver, or they are out of stock, you will still come away with a very good idea of what all this will cost you.

Other good choices are your motorcycle dealer, a local trailer specialist, or any number of local and national hardware stores. Try the people at the dealer near your home as they may have arrangements with local fabricators who can produce a high quality unit for cheap. Specialists and hardware stores may require a pre-order, but you can usually get good customer service there and they sometimes deliver for free.

Using the trailer…

Learning to make use of your trailer properly and as safely as possible should be of utmost importance to you. If you do not get this right you could loose your bike, the trailer, your tow vehicle or even cause harm to others – not the best way to start or end your trip.

Included with your trailer will be an instruction booklet, so read it carefully before you use it. There are also some pages on this website which you can consult for further tips on best practices. Either way, pay attention to making the loading and use of your motorcycle trailer as safe as is possible.

When you drive a vehicle pulling a trailer, learn the ways your vehicle behaves differently with the unit attached and be very careful on the roads.

Finally, wherever you venture, enjoy the ride as much as you can!