Ace Single Motorcycle Trailer

Ace Single Rail Folding Motorcycle Trailer Review

Ace Single Rail Folding Motorcycle Trailer Review

The One Single Rail Folding Motorcycle TrailerThe market for folding motorcycle trailers has constantly grown over the last few decades; it started with one good idea and it took off right after customers learned just how handy these appendages can be for the rider who needs to haul a bike. Once the job is done, these trailers will fold up and usually fit into a small space against a garage wall or under a bench. What may be the simplest and most functional form of this innovation is now available: Ace Single Rail Folding Motorcycle Trailer.

The USA Trailer Store manufactures Ace Single Rail folding motorcycle trailer along with many other popular models, and that status was earned as a direct result of quality construction. The One is made of high-grade steel which is specifically designed to be strong where needed and lightweight everywhere else. That weight is right around 264 pounds (120 kg), which puts it at the low end of the scale; that saves fuel and your tow vehicle some stress. And, when you are done, it takes just minutes to fold The One Single Rail folding trailer into a very small package which should fit in a small corner of your garage.

The steel rail and ramp run right down the middle of Ace Single Rail trailer and both are designed to guide the motorcycle right onto the unit with no chance of veering off and going “crunch.” At the front of this rail is a chock-type stop for the front tire, and a cross-bar mounted to the trailer’s tongue has a loop on each end for affixing tie-downs. The wheels are a full twelve inches (30.5 cm) in diameter and are shod with trailer-specific tires. Each of those wheels has a fender and a tail/brake light which is connected to the tow vehicle’s electrical system. The entire unit is powdercoated in black for long-lasting durability. The One Single Rail has only what it needs for a safe and secure transport of your motorbike and nothing it doesn’t need – economy is the focus here.

Moving one sportbike or cruiser on The Ace Single Rail motorcycle trailer is very simple, as it is with many of these units. Simply affix the trailer to your tow vehicle, slide out the ramp, push the bike onto the trailer, and then secure it in place using quality tie-downs. After that, all that is left is to slide the ramp back into its cubby, lock it there, and then you can drive to wherever you need to be. Unloading is the opposite of the above, and the low height makes it an all one person affair. Collapsing the trailer for storage will take about five minutes once you are well-versed in the process, and all you have to do is stick it somewhere until you need it again. The Ace Single Rail motorcycle trailer is one of the simplest motorcycle trailers on the market – and it is among the lightest and most durable as well.

Suggested retail price for The Ace Single Rail motorcycle trailer is around US$1170, but it can be found for less – check with your local dealer as you may find a good discount. This piece of equipment is designed to last for your lifetime, so all you need do is take good care of it and you will have an easy-to-store and simple-to-use single motorcycle transport solution for the rest of your riding life.

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