Rampage Power Motorcycle Lift

Rampage Power Motorcycle Lift Review

The Rampage Power Motorcycle Lift Review

Motorcycles can be cheap transport and can save you space, money, and provide you with nearly unending pleasure even when simply commuting to and from work. However, there are also plenty of bikes on the roads which cost closer to what you would pay for a four-door sedan and do not often get ridden when the weather turns nasty. And, some of those still must make regular shows or events along with the rider. Transporting such machines is a nerve-wracking experience if there is no choice but to push them up a flimsy, bendy ramp into the high bed of a properly suspended truck. Relieving that stress from your life – not to mention the strain from your back – is now possible thanks to the Rampage Power Motorcycle Lift.

Rampage Power Lift

The Rampage power motorcycle lift is exactly what it says it is – a power-assisted motorcycle lift. It is designed to lift nearly any sized motorbike into the bed of a compact or full-sized pickup truck or any sort of flat-bed multi-wheeled transport. It is constructed of 1/8-inch high-quality, black powdercoated, carbon steel, guaranteeing its durability and weather-resistance. Keeping things moving smoothly are maintenance-free HMW nylon rollers, which require no lubrication, and the All Weather 12-volt 4,000 pound electric winch, that also has a cable remote control for even easier loading. Power is provided by a second cable of the quick-disconnect variety which runs from the truck bed through to the vehicle’s battery. The standard unit measures 95 inches long and 24 inches wide and sits about 7 inches high, and it all is easily installed in a bed as high as 39.5 inches off the ground. Attaching the Rampage lift to wherever you need it is as simple as installing a single bar affixed with two bolts; two more identical bolts hold the Rampage assembly to that bar and the Rampage holds your bike for the drive.

What really separates the Rampage from similar power lift setups out in the market is that it can be quickly removed and, with a second bar in place, can be used in another vehicle. The built-in wheels allow this rather heavy device to be moved as a little easier, and it can be disassembled into three pieces should it be necessary for storage or if only one person must uninstall it solo. Holding the motorcycle in place is a sturdy, widely-accommodating, six-inch wide steel cradle and two tie-down points on either side of it. For strength and durability, the entire Rampage motorcycle lift is precision welded or connected with 0.5-inch thick bolts, so calling it a “sturdy lift” would be considered understatement.

Installing the Rampage power motorcycle lift gives one a sense of just how heavy-duty it is, but that characteristic does give it a real feel of ruggedness. Three holes in total must be drilled into the bed and frame of the carrying vehicle, but this is no more drastic than a wheel chock, and is as simple to do, too. Once in place, loading is really a piece of laid-back pie; once tied down, simply click the switch and watch the motorbike ride up into the bed. Unloading is just as simple and takes a little less time. The end of the unit will stick out on shorter beds, but this should be expected from a device like this one, so no complaints there. The real strength of the Rampage lift, though, has to be how easy it makes everything which used to be a little scary and that it is incredibly flexible in this ability.

And, there is where the Rampage really impresses; list price is actually a semi-reasonable US$2795, with a continual sale of about $200 less, but that is without the possible accessories. A trike adapter is available for $795, a ‘sled’ adapter for snowmobiles sells at $299, an even longer ramped version adds $100, and you can have one of custom length for an extra $185, which is actually an extension.

Get the last ramp you will ever need for your expensive and highly-prized motorcycle, the Rampage Power Motorcycle Lift.

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