Kendon Dual Rail Motorcycle Trailer

Kendon Dual Stand Up Motorcycle Trailer Review

Kendon Dual Stand-Up Trailer Review

Kendon Dual Rail TrailerOwnership of a trailer requires that you have some place where you can store that auto appendage when it is not in use. Home ownership was once on the increase in the U.S. and in other parts of the world, but the recent trend has been towards condominiums and apartments as long-term living solutions; for them, space is a premium. Even home owners, though, are in situations now where saving space is a welcome thing in the household. Efficiency is exceedingly important to all of us as our collective resources become significantly less available. For the ultimate in quality, space-saving utility and flexibility, you are presented here with the Kendon Dual Stand-Up Trailer: a top of the line carrier for just about anything you need to tow.

The Kendon Dual Stand-Up Trailer is actually part of a series of trailer configurations. There are several different platforms upon essentially the same chassis; Kendon even makes an automotive carrier. The key difference between it and your normal trailer would be that, when not in use, the Stand-Up will stand up. It will fold up into a shape which only takes up a space 24 inches deep by 84 inches wide and 77 inches high – not bad, and well within a parking space at most complexes provided the sharing auto is not overly long. And, when folded, it has heavy-duty casters with which to roll the trailer into and out of storage position.
Kendon manufactures the Dual Stand-Up using a triangulated, round-tube steel frame – go ahead, think ‘trellis’ – which they powder coat for rust-resistant durability. The numerous configurations do differ somewhat from one another, but the Dual Stand-Up used here has two removable rails with moveable, integrated front wheel chocks. Setting the Kendon apart in the market are the independent torsion bar axles which ride on rubber cushioning and are connected to 13 inch wheels wearing radial buns.

Kendon Dual Rail TrailerThe Dual Stand-Up’s adjustable and removable rails allow for several configuration adjustments. In fact, this carrier can handle two cruisers, or two sportbikes, or one large, full-dress ultra-tourer or even an ATV. Kendon’s diamond-plate platform is low for easy loading, but it also allows you to use it as a basic utility hauler. Loading is a snap with the included ramps, the front wheel chocks are adjustable and locking, and it has several strategically placed tie-down points.

A simple four-pronged plug which runs right next to the standard two-inch ball hitch provides for all the necessary lighting, so make sure your tow vehicle is properly equipped. The Dual Stand-Up unit can carry 2000 pounds, and only weighs 400 pounds. And, the entire package feels very solid and well constructed; it will probably last longer than you if properly maintained.

The Kendon Dual will easily ride behind everything from a sport-wagon to a full-sized, heavy-duty pickup truck with ease. It does get loud when it is empty, so try to counter-weight it if you have to take it out unloaded. When the trailer is either half or fully loaded, it rides very smoothly and proves its brilliant design and quality build – rock solid stable.

The only negatives with the Kendon Dual would have to be the weight when you must stand it up alone; it can be a beast and even moving it around can challenging on a rough surface. The biggest complaint has to be the cost, though – it retails for US$2650! There are some used examples but not as many as you might think – Kendon builds them to last.

If you can afford the cost, it is very tough to find a trailer this versatile, this durable and this easy to store anywhere from anyone else. The Kendon Dual Stand-Up Trailer is a luxury ride for any, maybe all, of your motorcycles – present and future.

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