Lumina Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer

Lumina Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer Review

Pulling a trailer behind a motorcycle will have a noticeable effect on the way the bike handles and the way it feels. This is due to the extra weight and the new forces it adds. Often enough, this is easy to adjust for so long as you are an experienced pilot. But, what a rider wants is a trailer which does the same job but tips the scales a little less so there is no need to modify the way the bike is ridden. The USA Trailer Store has decided to satisfy that requirement with their Lumina Motorcycle Trailer.

The Lumina motorcycle trailer’s secret is aluminum, 6061-T6 aircraft-grade to be precise. This allows it to be incredibly lightweight and yet very strong. In fact, it only weighs 170 pounds – less than an average human male and at least 30 pounds lighter than any other of its kind. To give it a long life of regular use, that entire assembly is powder coated. The 200-pound rated luggage rack on top is polished, though, but it does not detract from its durability and it looks tough with the diamond plate.

Inside the main cargo area, arguably the primary feature of a trailer, is an expansive 14 cubic feet of carpeted and rain-proof storage which is accessed via the lid at the back. Underneath the Lumina is the foundation of this motorcycle trailer. It has an independent torsion suspension, allowing the wheels to more easily handle road imperfections and gives the trailer a silky smooth ride. The USA Trailer Store ships it with highly puncture-resistant six-ply 12-inch tires on some rather fancy five-star brushed aluminum wheels.

A bonus feature of the Lumina trailer is the included swivel coupler. This is an important item to those mounted on two wheels, as opposed to the three of the compatible Spyder, owners of which can get a free cover instead. This swivel coupler allows the bike to lean as it normally does with the trailer in tow so that the addition goes almost unnoticed. It is also a far safer way of pulling the Lumina with your motorcycle as there is less chance of a conflict which causes a crash.


Approaching the Lumina motorcycle trailer if you have never used one can be somewhat intimidating. It is big and very solid in appearance. Touching the aluminum, it feels very well constructed and opening the trunk is an experience – it is very large. 14 cubic feet is a great deal of space. If your bike also has saddlebags and a top case, such as a Gold Wing or an Electra Glide, there is enough room for two people to cross continents in comfort here. With the addition of this trailer’s flexibility, you can also take a variety of trip types; rallies, beach trips, even camping in national parks for the summer are all now possible. The Lumina not only adds storage space, it expands your capabilities.

Installing the hitch mount and hitch may be best left up to a professional with some models, but others are simple bolt-on affairs. Either way, even if the Lumina is very lightweight, it is good to have a strong mounting system in place for using it. The machine used for this test made use of a Bushtec model which is actually over-built for the purpose. The Lumina, of course, connected easily with no hassle as any well designed motorcycle trailer would.

What the Lumina does do better than any other similar trailer is disappear. Filled with a nearly maximum load, there is no doubt there is more behind you when taking off. You will notice it again when you get to your first traffic signal or stop sign as you need to begin braking a little earlier than normal. This difference is not upsetting, just apparent. On the highway, though, is where the Lumina accomplishes its magic; if you are the forgetful sort, you just may think you left your trailer behind. Riding at speed is exactly like it was before you hooked up a trailer. And, you have every possible piece of gear you could need right behind you. It’s tempting to keep going.

This motorcycle trailer has been so well constructed and uses such lightweight materials, it is very hard to believe that it can be purchased for so little. It is also backed by a five year warranty, so you know you can count on it to be durable. And, it is merely the base model. The Lumina may also be purchased in an XL version which adds four more cubic feet of storage.

The Lumina has so much going for it that it appears to be a step ahead of any of its competitors. Should you love to take to the road for the very long haul with your beloved, or you really want to carry cargo across the world while riding your bike, and you care about retaining the best experiences of riding a motorcycle, the Lumina motorcycle is the perfect companion for your ride.

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