Motorcycle Trailer Wheel Chock

Motorcycle Wheel Chock Review – Part I

Motorcycle Wheel Chock Reviews – Part I

Owning a motorcycle trailer or carrier is only one part of what you need to safely transport a motorcycle. Wheel chocks, tie-downs, bike locks and similar security measures are necessary if the bike being moved is important and it needs to avoid being damaged or stolen. The humble wheel chock – or ‘wheel stop’ or ‘wheel holder’, whatever you call it – will probably be the most expensive trailer\carrier addition of these, and it is important that the correct model for the application be acquired or it might be essentially useless. Below are some of the better rated models of chock, with an important eye on each specification, so that you can be sure you get what you need.

Smi Self-Locking Motorcycle Wheel Chock for 17 to 21” Wheels

Smi Self-Locking Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Starting out with one of the best values out there we have the Smi Self-Locking Motorcycle Wheel Chock, which is made to fit wheels between 17 and 21 inches in diameter and weighs in at 20 pounds (9 kg). It is made with a frame of strong, black powdercoated steel and uses aluminum for the construction of the tire cradles. Rubberized plastic feet are at all four feet and it comes pre-drilled for mounting either temporarily or permanently in a truck bed or trailer with the complete and included hardware. It is designed to wrap around the front wheel as the bike is pushed forward and lock it in place once it reaches the front upright. Easy to use, simple to install and built to last, the Smi self-locking motorcycle wheel chock is a phenomenal buy at a suggested retail of only US$75.

Superior Steel Self-Locking Removable Wheel Chock

Superior Steel Self-Locking Removable Wheel Chock Review

When speaking of saving some money on a good product, the Superior Steel Self-Locking Removable Wheel Chock has to come to mind. After all, it sells for US$79, and has some features others in this area lack. One of those is the removable nature of the chock; the weight of the bike holds it in place and all one must do to pull out the wheel holder is remove the bike and slide the unit backwards – off it comes. Of course, this indicates that this device is built to be installed on a trailer or in the back of a truck bed – it will not stand alone. Made of high-carbon steel for strength and powdercoated black for improved durability, this Superior chock is five-position adjustable so that it can fit a wide variety of motorcycle wheels. All of that adds up to the chock and hardware weighing in at 28 pounds (13 kg) total; it can be used in a truck bed, a trailer or the floor, and it is a one-person operation to install, load or remove the unit. The Superior steel self-locking removable wheel chock is a very flexible stability device with few true competitors.


T-Motorsports Heavy Duty Adjustable Self-Locking Wheel Chock

T-Motorsports Heavy Duty Adjustable Self-Locking Wheel Chock

T-Motorsports is a well-known entity in the motorcycle transportation market – their hitch-carriers are seemingly ubiquitous. Thus, when looking for a wheel chock, one needs to look no further than their Heavy Duty Adjustable Self-Locking version. Made from steel and powdercoated black for protection from the elements, this wheel stop automatically locks the bike in place as the front wheel is pushed into place. This model is meant to be installed in the back of a truck, on a trailer or on a garage floor, so all-steel hardware is included for this purpose. It is also four-way adjustable to give it the ability to fit a wide array of motorcycle models. Loading and unloading is a one-person job with this unit, and mounting it is made very simple with four pre-drilled holes. The 19 pound (9 kg) T-Motorsports heavy duty adjustable and self-locking wheel chock retails for US$45, but it is easy to find it for less.

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