MotoTote MTX Sport

MotoTote MTX Sport Motorcycle Carrier Review

MotoTote MTX Sport Motorcycle Carrier

Using a trailer to carry a motorcycle across the city, state or nation can make a great deal of sense at certain times. You may be hauling a race-only machine or taking a trail bike out for some play in the hinterlands. Even if you own a pickup or van, sometimes there are better uses for the vehicle space; and other times you know that your sedan is going to be more fuel-efficient even with the additional tow weight. However, there are many out there who feel that even a single-rail folding trailer is a bit like overkill.MotoTote has that covered with the MTX Sport Motorcycle Carrier; this unit eliminates the wheels altogether and hooks right into the trailer hitch mount at the back of your tow vehicle. It’s a brilliant idea which has been around for some time now. In fact, the concept has more than proven itself in countless applications – this is one item in which the RV (caravans to some) crowd helped the motorcycle industry, and vice-versa.

The MTX Sport is made of textured, polyester powder-coated steel and includes a ramp coated in the same manner. The heavy-duty construction allows for a 550 pound carrying capacity, and thus will hold most modern 600cc and liter class sportbikes with a full tank of fuel. The included ramp is long enough to make loading simple at 56.5 inches long and stores on the assembly when you are carrying a bike. The entire unit only weighs 63 pounds and is compatible with any Class III or above hitch with a 2 inch square coupler. The unit has an adjustable wheelbase to match that of your bike, and even the distance it holds the bike from the rear of your vehicle can be adjusted over 20 inches.

For stability, MotoTote has developed an exclusive Zero-Wobble mechanism and the MTX Sport has a mono-directional design; this puts a wheel stop and five-inch sized loop in front of a wider rear end allowing a rear tire as wide as 8.5 inches. This is also reversible to suit your tow vehicle’s design and where you unload. Safely thought out tie-down points are spread as far as 29 inches wide at the front end with a total of four specific loops welded strongly onto the carrier.

Assembling the MTX Sport Motorcycle Carrier is simple and only requires the use of one wrench and one person. And, once you are done with the unit, simply pull it off your hitch and store it in about the same space as you would need for a bicycle. MotoTote is obviously considering the many times a rider is left alone to load his or her motorcycle – and the fact that many of us have too much stuff and not enough space.

Once you put hands on the MTX Sport, you can see and feel the quality of this tool’s construction quite readily. The welds are very well done, the powder-coating is purely professional, and the overall design is ideal for its purpose. Quickly assembled, easily locked in place on the tow vehicle’s hitch, and almost as easy to load up with a motorcycle. Having a second person to help out, especially if there are any spare tires sticking out back, is not a bad idea. However, one reasonably fit person can accomplish the entire task with little stress.

The MTX Sport rides on the back of the vehicle almost imperceptibly if you are adept at pulling a trailer, otherwise it feels a bit odd at first. Once you are used to it, though, you will wonder why you didn’t patent this idea first. Yes, the MTX Sport is the epitome of minimalism for transporting a motorcycle.

The retail for the MotoTote MTX Sport is at US$479, but it can be had for less through some retailers and the manufacturer has price cuts regularly. If you only have one bike in need of moving around, and you have the appropriate setup for it, the MTX Sport Motorcycle Carrier may be the easiest solution to a scary problem, ever.

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