Renting a Motorcycle Trailer

Renting a Motorcycle Trailer


You need a trailer, but space at your house, apartment or condominium is very limited and you really have no room to store one. Your first thought would ideally be to look into folding or collapsible units, and there are many of them on the market, some for a reasonable price. However, if you do not need a trailer all that often and you are looking for something a bit more, let’s say protective, there is another option – you can rent your trailer.

U-Haul rents enclosed trailers in locations all over the United States and some parts of Canada, and they are reasonably priced for a weekend or just a single day. Some of the benefits are that you get a fully-enclosed trailer – one which not only keeps road debris, weather, and the many insect sacrifices off your precious bike, but it also keeps prying eyes off of it so no one is tempted to take it from you – no maintenance worries, as U-Haul handles all of that, and you have much more room for gear, parts and even a spare engine. And, as a commercial would say, that’s not all; it’s lockable, fully stable at above-legal highway speeds, and you can rent it one-way and drop it off at any U-Haul location on the continent. That means no storage issues!

Your only necessary investment is a wheel chock – make no mistake, this is and important part of this transport method. Your bike is back there, and it is enclosed, but it can still be significantly damaged should it get flung against the inside of the trailer. Get a wheel chock and save yourself worry, heartache and money. The portable models often sell for between US$120 and $250, but quality can be a factor, so do research before you purchase.


wheel chock

The rental fees for a U-Haul, or similar, trailer will often run around US$15 up to about $30 per day depending on the size you need – the smallest enclosed they offer will easily fit two motorcycles, though they will be close together if they are Honda Gold Wing-sized as the trailer is 37 inches wide (inside) and 96 inches long (overall).

One problem with this method is your local U-Haul dealer’s popularity. If it is regularly busy, you will probably have to wait in a long line to get to your rental trailer. Reserving online will save money, so try there first; and you can also look up various locations close to your home and destination while you are there. The last concern is your tow vehicle as you will see a significant fuel penalty and you need a proper towing hitch, both of which are due to the U-Haul enclosed trailer’s extra weight.

This method can save you money if you only trailer your motorcycle a few times a year. Most new trailers will run you at least 50 times the amount you would spend on renting a trailer for a couple of days (remember that another trailer would also cost you more fuel). If, however, you use a trailer several times in a week year-round, purchasing one is probably smarter and cheaper. You might even find an old enclosed rental trailer for sale. At least now you have a choice and another option for carrying your motorcycle safely to your destination.

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