T-Motorsports Dirt Bike Carrier

T-Motorsports Dirt Bike Carrier with Ramp Review

T-Motorsports Dirt Bike Carrier with Ramp Review

There are many ways to transport a motorcycle, but we are all limited by the equipment we have on hand for the task. Who can justify purchasing a pickup-up truck just to carry a bike around when we can barely afford to pay for our own food? No one can. And, that is why someone, not too long ago, created the hitch-mounted motorcycle carrier. Many versions of this nifty device exist, but among the least expensive of these is the T-Motorsports Dirt Bike Carrier with Ramp.

T-Motorsports builds the Dirt Bike Carrier with lightweight aluminum, keeping the stress on your trailer hitch to a minimum. The standard two-inch hitch receiver is required for it to work, but most tow vehicles are so equipped or can be. The surface of the carrier is coated to prevent rust and to make cleaning a cinch. An aluminum ramp is included with the carrier which allows for easy loading and can be detached and then stored behind the unit itself. Since it is made specifically for off-road motorbikes, its maximum carrying weight is 400 pounds (181 kg). However, that does mean that the Dirt Bike Carrier can haul virtually any production dirt-focused motorcycle under 500 cc with ease.

T-Motorsports Dirt Bike Carrier with Ramp ReviewAssembling the Dirt Bike Carrier is quite simple due to its very basic design and implementation. The package comes with everything you will need – save tie-downs – and it should be easily possible to put it all together in a matter of minutes. Loading the bike is almost as simple; once the carrier is in place, simply attach the ramp, roll the motorbike into place, and then tie it down. Deep wheel-wells hold things steady while in motion and, if properly secured, there is no reason to worry about the bike being on the tail end of your vehicle. One problem with the carrier, though, comes when unloading. Unless you have arms like Mr. Universe, you may need help getting your bike out of those deep wheel holes – sometimes, three people are needed. The T-Motorsports Dirt Bike Carrier is not a perfect solution – to be fair, it does lack some attention to detail found on some competitors – but it is certainly priced right and it will do the basic job of safely moving your dirt bike from point A to point B.

Suggested retail pricing on the T-Motorsports Dirt Bike Carrier with Ramp is around US$90. Considering just how helpful this device could be for those without a truck or another way of easily moving your motorbike, the Dirt Bike Carrier with Ramp could find a home in yours.

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