Droptail Motorcycle Trailer

Drop-Tail Two-Up Motorcycle Trailer Review

The Drop-Tail Two-Up Motorcycle Trailer

The Drop-Tail Two-Up Cruiser / Sport Bike Trailer is the ultimate in un-covered motorcycle transportation, and likely the most expensive as well. Luxurious is an applicable description of this design, along with flexible and capable, but those are standard with Drop-Tail. The only thing which keeps people away is the cost of entry, but these units can be found used in some areas; do some searching and an old Internet auction site could get you one reasonably quick.A surprising feature of the Drop-Tail line is that they are foldable for very easy storage, though they do weigh in at 660 pounds without a load, so you need some strength to move it around. The total weight can increase quickly, though, and this thing can take it easily with a maximum load of 2100 pounds. Certain accessories will allow that number to be reached ever more quickly if you bring along a substantial amount of gear, fuel or your friend’s bike.

Made of high quality steel and aluminum with an integrated deck, which polishes up rather nicely, the Drop-Tail unit is a capable Class II trailer. The extra space is immensely useful for a motorcyclist on a long trip, or one who regularly transports bikes for shows or for shop work. It also means that this trailer can carry an ATV, or two, or a golf cart, or UTV or you can just use it to haul a ton of your stuff – plenty of flexibility is included.

Even when the Drop-Tail is folded, it has a useful storage shelf for keeping your towing accessories all in one place while taking up less space. The integrated lighting is then safely tucked away and a powder-coated finish means that it is durable enough to be opened and closed often.

The innovative part of this trailer is its namesake, a rear half which can be hydraulically lowered to make loading very simple and safe – a drop-tail. And, obviously, there is not a need for any ramps, though there is a tailgate which serves as a small extension. Plus, the Two-Up Drop-Tail model comes equipped with two motorcycle front wheel chocks already installed; yet another safety and comfort feature to add to this one’s list.

Your tow vehicle must be able to handle the weight and the two-inch hitch – a ball hitch is needed – and the Drop-Tail is relatively large with a maximum length and width being 126 and 91 inches, respectively. With the proper tug up front, this thing will be stable at above-legal speeds due mostly to the fact that it rides on 13 inch wheels which are held to the chassis using high-spec torsion axle.

It must be said of this trailer that it is well-made and very well-constructed; the Drop-Tail is a professional grade trailer. Being so, though, also means that it is heavy, but it can also carry more than your average pick-up truck and yet fold away into a corner of your garage. Taking time to get used to its design is highly recommended. Once you do, and you take the Drop-Tail out on the road with your motorcycle loaded, it feels amazingly safe and rides very smoothly even across unkempt byroads around this area.

It will cost you a significant amount at a retail price of US$2,850, plus the cost of a spare wheel and other likely accessories, you will need to have a reason to justify it – hedge fund managers need not worry. However, this Drop-Tail Two-Up trailer is a vehicle which will actually get you as much attention as what you have on it. You get what you pay for, and the Drop-Tail is a prime-time ready motorcycle carrier which will serve many more purposes in its long lifetime.

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