Stinger Motorcycle Trailer

The Stinger Folding Motorcycle Trailer Review

The Stinger Folding Motorcycle Trailer

Stinger trailer The number one problem with a trailer of any type is storing the thing; even if you must use one every single day, finding a good place to park can be tough if you do not have our own house or simply have limited space. This is an oft-repeated complaint on just about any motorcycle forum as there are plenty of people who would rather trailer their motocross or race bike behind their family vehicle, and yet be able to easily store the thing when not in use. There are several carriers out there meeting this requirement, but many are pricey. For the low entry price of US$1400, the Stinger folding motorcycle trailer appears to be a real bargain. Maybe it is…


Coming out of Richmond, California, created and made by Rod Haskins is the Stinger, a rather cleaver yet simple folding motorcycle trailer. To be honest, this trailer is actually over-engineered, but in a way which benefits the user to a large extent. Much of the unit is made of high-grade steel which is powder coated for long-lasting durability. Where other trailers might have a bulky frame, the Stinger is simplistic and hooked directly to a heavy-duty 3500-pound axle which runs similarly durable submersible-grade (meaning from boat trailers) bearings. Those are connected to some rather smallish eight inch diameter wheels wearing six-ply tires which are rated for sustained speeds of 70 MPH.

For holding the bike to the Stinger trailer, a high-strength Condor front wheel chock is standard equipment and there are four tie-down points. The loading ramp actually does double duty as a sort of tail-gate adding more stability to a mounted bike, not to mention making loading very easy. Fenders are included, and the taillights are protected by metal guards and appear durable enough to handle their duty worthily. The hitch is specifically engineered to keep the trailer form flipping over in any way and is of standard type and size for most all applications.

Overall width of the trailer, from wheel to wheel, is right at 48 inches and the unit, sans motorcycle, weighs in at 180 pounds. The Stinger can carry just about any production motorcycle with wheelbase up to around 80” or so, but it folds down to 48 by 30 by 30 inches square – not exactly tiny, but small enough to fit in the back of many minivans, SUVs, and certainly most garages.

At first glance, the Stinger is very well-built – it looks tough as the steel it is made from. Each and every piece is solidly constructed and fit and finish are industrial-strength. Taking it from its storage mode to fully ready to haul is actually quiet smooth, though it can take some time to get used to the process. Loading a motorcycle is easy enough for one person, mostly due to its low stance, and there is a sidestand plate which can be mounted and a chock to hold the trailer level if it is not hooked up to a tow vehicle. When the Stinger is loaded up and under way, it is smooth and easy to control; it was very useful when hooked to a small car. One thing to consider, though, is that it is a short trailer and some larger vehicles may see it nearly disappear behind their tow vehicle – don’t forget it’s there!

The Stinger folding motorcycle trailer is rugged, well-built, easy to use, and will work well with virtually any motorcycle you can own. It is worth considering when you need to haul your bike anywhere you need to be.

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