Trinity MT3 Motorcycle Trailer

The Trinity MT3 Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer Review

The Trinity MT3 Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer Review

Moving a motorcycle from one location to another takes some planning – moving two or more requires a complete transport solution which can safely carry them on the road. A big truck is one of these, but not everyone has one of those, and even fewer have the money to pay for the massive amounts of fuel they consume. A good tow vehicle, however, is not that hard to find – even the modern family sedan can tow enough weight to carry a motorcycle or two. What you need is a trailer, and The USA Trailer Store has that: The Trinity MT3 Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer.

Trinity MT3 Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer

The Trinity MT3 three rail motorcycle trailer is an ideal platform for transporting three bikes at once, or two bagger-style cruisers, to any destination which the road travels. The MT3 is built of a tubular steel frame for incredible strength and light weight. On top of that frame resides a five by seven foot (1.5 by 2.1 meters) diamond-plate deck which is designed for multipurpose use; all the user must do is remove the included wheel chocks and rails. Those wheel supports, when combined with the numerous tie-down points, allow each of the bikes to be held firmly in place. Thirteen inch (33 cm) chrome wheels connect to a torsion axle which both provide for a smooth ride and protect the bikes on board from bearing the bumps and jolts of the local or foreign tarmac. The Trinity MT3 is more than just a trailer, it is a workhorse.

As for portability, the Trinity MT3 Three Rail does not fold and stand up like the many popular folding trailers, but it is much less expensive and more flexible. With the ramp at back being wide and easily deployable and combined with the individual wheel chocks, loading the MT3 is very easy and can be done with only one person, saving you time and trouble. The entire unit only weighs in at 425 pounds (193 kg), but is strong enough to hold any group of two or three motorcycles you can fit upon it. Even with three full-sized bikes (non-cruisers) loaded up, the Trinity MT3 Three Rail motorcycle trailer can be pulled from any vehicle that can handle a Class II or above hitch.

Taking out the Trinity MT3 Three Rail is as simple as any well-made trailer. Hook the trailer up to your tow vehicle, deploy the back ramp, push the bike up onto one of the three rails (be careful to load it evenly), tie it down, move on to the next bike, and the next (if necessary), and then slide the ramp into place and you are ready to move out. On the road the trailer is well-behaved and rides very smoothly thanks to its integrated suspension. Of course, you must remember that you are pulling what amounts to a second, un-powered vehicle behind you, so take care. Unloading is just as easy as putting a bike on board and, when you are done, simply fold in the rear section and it will fit into a small parking space. (Again it is not as compact as some folding models, but it is also nearly US$1000 less.) Carrying bikes should be this easy every time, and the Trinity MT3 Three Rail motorcycle trailer stands as one of the best choices on the market today.Suggested retail for the Trinity MT3 Three Rail motorcycle trailer is supposed to be US$2650, but its average is around $1700, less on eBay. Finding this unit is not very difficult, so ask around, you may end up finding a local shop where you can get great service and a low price.

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