The Tilt-A-Rack Motorcycle Carrier

Tilt-A-Rack Motorcycle Carrier Review

The Tilt-A-Rack Motorcycle Carrier

As innovative ideas for carrying a motorcycle or scooter from one place to another without actually having the pleasure of riding it, the Tilt-A-Rack motorcycle carrier certainly appears to be an elegant solution. Of course, the Tilt-A-Rack design falls in line with the many hitch-mounted setups in most ways, with the very notable exception that the unit itself is both loading mechanism and the carrier. Simplifying the process of the load is an attribute which we can all appreciate.Tilt-A-Rack is made by none other than Tilt-A-Rack, as you might expect, and is made of aircraft grade aluminum for strength, rust-resistance and light weight. It is also available in three different carrying capacities: 200, 400, and 600 pounds. This variation allows for the carrying of many different types of bike, from motocross machines to trail bikes to many classics.Tilt_a_rack_motorcycle_carrier

To install the Tilt-A-Rack, your tow vehicle will need a Class III hitch or better; check the tongue weight rating for details. As long as your auto can handle it, this carrier will function on it. The mechanism allows you to forgo the idea of a ramp entirely, though it does have a slide-out extension for taller cars and trucks – in effect, a small integrated ramp.

Sitting 19 inches from the rear of the vehicle allows for many bike models to be accommodated easily with the simple auto-locking design making the loading process easy and worry-free; the secondary benefit is solid stability as the weight of the motorcycle holds it level by nature (gravity and a locking pin). The tilt is slanted to roll the bike towards the passenger side for unloading away from traffic if you must park close to it.

The Tilt-A-Rack comes complete and almost ready to go, just a few steps and you can have it in place on your hitch within minutes after the delivery driver drops it off. Of course, this is only if you do it by sight and feel – the instructions are sub-par. It does appear to be a tiny bit rough around the edges, but the welds are very nice and it feels like it would work fine for military duty. Loading is really quite simple and can be done solo provided you have a long reach.

It would not be recommended for a large sized scooter, or anything with more weight in the rear than a standard dirt bike would have, to be honest. However, stay away from needing and/or using their customer service and the Tilt-A-Rack is a solid platform for carrying a motorcycle, albeit best suited for dirt bikes. At a suggested retail or US$500, or even at the more standard $380, it is pricey, but it will do the work. Hopefully, your shipment will have all the correct nuts and bolts…

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