Ultra Tow Single Rail Motorcycle Trailer

Ultra-Tow Single-Rail Folding Motorcycle Trailer Review

Ultra-Tow Single-Rail Folding Motorcycle Trailer Review

Numerous folding motorcycle trailer models are available to the interested motorcycle owner in need of a towing solution. Along with the quantity of choices, the quality of trailers has also improved over time…but you often pay dearly for the top tier models. The Ultra-Tow Single-Rail Folding Motorcycle Trailer is one from the higher end of the quality scale, is a worthwhile and widely available choice for transporting a motorcycle, and is actually rather inexpensive.

Finding a place to purchase the Ultra-Tow single-rail motorcycle trailer is as simple as finding an Internet connection, but try your local dealer first – you might find a good deal there. Once you do get a good look at one, the idea behind why these are so popular becomes very obvious – the Ultra-Tow folds up into a tidy, tiny package and will store easily against almost any wall; it will collapse into a space about five by five by two feet in size. When you need the Ultra-Two single-rail, you simply unfold it, lock everything in place, and you are ready to go.

Constructed with a frame of steel and a rail and deck of aluminum, the Ultra-Tow single-rail motorcycle trailer can haul up to 700 pounds (317.5 kg) – suitable for most production motorcycles sold today, though not all. The deck is a full six feet long and just under a foot wide, again accommodating a wide variety of bikes. The two wheels are 12 inches (30.5 cm) in diameter and nearly five inches wide for solid tracking on the road and decent bump-absorption. Those wheels come equipped with both fenders and proper lighting on the top of each. There is also a built-in ramp and an anchor bar across the trailer tongue with burly loops on each end; these work to hold your motorcycle firmly into the built-in front wheel ‘pocket’, which acts like a chock, when tie-downs are employed. The Ultra-Tow Single-Rail motorcycle trailer has a rich feature list.

The predominant attributes of the Ultra-Tow Single-Rail seem to be strength and light weight – the unit weighs only 290 pounds (132 kg) – and those are the two most desired in a motorcycle trailer. The ramp, which doubles as a rear ‘gate’ of sorts, makes loading very easy, and once the motorcycle is secured in place and the trailer hooked-up to the tow vehicle, it makes for a reliable mode of transport. The whole trailer is well-made and durable, though some state highway systems may put this to the test. The coupler is a very common 1 7/8 inch and should fit any hitch within the market where it is sold; safety chains are shipped with the unit. Unloading the Ultra-Tow single-rail trailer is just as simple as the first part: drop the ramp and roll the bike down to the tarmac, and you can make use of the rugged sideboards. Folding things back up for storage is simple, but does take some coordination.

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Looking for the Ultra-Tow single-rail motorcycle trailer is as simple as looking through your favorite search engine or contacting your local dealer. The suggested retail price is US$800, and that is where it is most often priced; however, free shipping is often included. That is a fair bit, but much less than many in this class – and the Ultra-Tow single-rail motorcycle trailer comes with a limited 12 month warranty on parts. This is the transportation your motorcycle will enjoy taking advantage of and what you spend can easily be factored over the many years of service one will likely get from the Ultra-Tow single-rail.

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